Team ShineGG Jersey Purple
Team ShineGG Jersey Purple

Team ShineGG Jersey Purple

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ShineGG was created to be something different than the million E-Sports orgs out there. We know not everyone is a competitive gamer. Not everyone can crank 90s in Fortnite. Not everyone lives for the Gulag. But that doesn't mean they aren't a great creator with something to offer. We understand the fact that personality is huge on most streaming platforms. We love to see a streamer in their element with an amazing community backing them.

We want to be that community. Any proceeds earned through Sponsorships or Donations will go directly back to the streamers of the org, via gifted subs, bits, or even a key stream piece to add to your set up. We will do tons of charity work through Tiltify. Our goal is to leave Twitch better than we found it. We will make a difference in our members lives.

We will SHINE.