First off, thank you for your interest in our Partner Program!  We started Creation in 2021 with one goal.  To give creators of all size a chance to have something to be proud of.  We know everyone can't get 5000 viewer average.  There aren't a lot of options for small creators out there and we aim to change that.  We have already partnered with a ton of amazing creators and have no plans on stopping.

Why choose Creation Snacks?

You can always go get a code from another company marketing to Creators.  If thats the route you want to go we think you should do whats best for you and your brand.  But if you want something that truly represents you, we may be the company for you.  We offer an opportunity that no one else offers.  Your name.  Your Logo.  Your choice.

Creation Creator Perks

-5% discount code for you and your community.

-10% commission on all sales your code is used on.  Commission will be paid out at $50.00 Threshhold.

-Once your code has been used 3 times you will receive an email congratulating you on earning your own partner line.  This email will contain instructions on what we need to start building your label.  You will get to choose from our list of snacks, have input on the name, and your streamer link will be posted on your product page. Your product description will also include a description of your stream and community made by you.  We truly want you to Shine.


The Creation Process

You will have a say in your label process.  We will ask for a transparent image of your logo.  We will ask for name ideas.  We will ask for a description about your stream and your community.  This is a chance to really tell people what your community is all about.  Really sell yourself.  We will put that all together and try to make a label that truly fits you and your community.  We take the time to research and try to make the perfect label for you.  We want you to be happy.  If you don't like the first draft or want something tweaked we will gladly work with you.  

Snacks Available for Creator Lines


Saltwater Taffy (Blue Ras, Caramel, Cinnamon, Cotton Candy, Peach, Peanut Butter, Smores, Strawberry, Sweet Banana, Vanilla, WatermelonGummy Worm

Gummy Bear

Gummy Squares

Sour Gummy Worm

Sour Berry Gummy Worm

Sour Berry Wedges

Sour Watermelon Wedges

Black Licorice Bites

Watermelon Ring

Peach Ring

Apple Ring

Cherry Ring

Pink Lemonade Ring

Pineapple Ring
Blue Rasberry Ring

Cola Gummy

Sour Cola Gummy

Sour Streamers

Sour Gummy Bear

Cherry Shaped gummy

Chocolate Raisins

Chocolate Peanuts

Jelly Beans

Multicolor cotton candy

Pink Cotton Candy



Chocolate Covered

Oreo Covered


Movie Butter









Spicy Sweet

Hot and Spicy

Maple Bacon



Salted Nut

Honey Roasted

In shell Peanut

Roasted salted Almonds

Roasted Salted Cashews

Sunflower Seeds

Wasabi Peas


Trail Mix




Tex Mex


Peanut Butter



Original Animal Crackers

Frosted Animal Crackers

Iced Animal Crackers

Honey Bear Cookies

Chocolate Bear Cookies



Chocolate Pretzels

White Chocolate Pretzels

Peanut Butter filled Pretzels

Honey Mustard Pretzel bits

Hot Wing Flavored Preztel Bits

Cheese Pretzel Bits

Our Requirements

We ask that you are a positive member of your community.  We don't have viewer number requirements.  You don't have to have a certain amount of followers.  So our basic guidelines are as follows:

Be a good human being.

Be respectful of others in the creator space.  


If all this sounds like its a fit for you then click the button below and lets get to work!